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About ISM

Our firm is located in historical town Kutna Hora (it is a town which is listed on the list of UNESCO) and it is about 70 kilometers far from Prague.

I started with making models many years ago and firstly it was my hobby. But gradually I started to make models for my colegues from competition. I have been flying in a competition category F3B since 1982. In 1996 I started to product for Germany firm EMC VEGA which sells my products all over Germany.

All our products were only composite from the very begining. The perfect surface, aerodynamic cleannes and effecincy identic parts of models without tolerance and thank this there is a posibility to order again exactly a fitting spare parts. It is the advantage which another category doesn't offer.

The conception of models is directed of experienced competitive pilots. It is possible to make an electrification of our models.

You cannot find scale models and polomodels in our program. Our filosophy is to reach to best flying quality and efficiency. The condiction are modern profiles, trunk with minimum cross-section tail area with low weight perfect aerodynamicly pure hanging up of ailerons and flaperons. Model of the cocpit RC-sliders is certainly nice for watching when the model is lying on the ground. Our models are sugested in the way to be seen in the sky by a pilot for the most of the time.